Black Sheep

  • Title: Black Sheep
  • Author: Mason Macrae
  • Publisher: William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. for the Wild West Club
  • Publication Date: 1950
  • Binding: Hardcover with Dust Jacket
  • Edition: 1st Edition
  • Print: 1st
  • Market: U.K. / Europe

Gordon Mallory was the richest cattleman on the Cottonwood range. It was a fine fat country fit for grazing – good grass worth fighting for against all-comers. Now it was threatened by a railroad company that wanted to drive it’s belt of steel across the land, and also by sheepherders from the hills above.

If either came to claim the range, blood would run, and it would not just be the blood of cattle and sheep. It looked as if a pretty good range war would flare up, for cattlemen and sheepmen, to say nothing of the railroad-men.

When the fight did come, it proved the toughest affair Cottonwood had experienced in all of it’s tough history.

Mason Macrae’s stirring story of the West is packed with grand characters and super-charged with excitement.