The Doctor of Painted Springs

  • Title: The Doctor of Painted Springs
  • Author: Mason Macrae
  • Publisher: William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. for the Wild West Club
  • Publication Year: 1944
  • Binding: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
  • Print: 1st
  • Edition: 1st
  • Version: U.K. / Europe

Dr. Cliff Monroe had been born and bred on a ranch. He had fought his way as a youngster through two ranch wars, and made staunch friends and implacable enemies. He hand even tried city life, for a time, and then he came back to the West, to the little town of Painted Springs.

The spell of the old life soon fell on him again. If he found patients hard to get, he at any rate, found plenty of trouble ready at hand.

For a vivid picture of Western life, coupled with an exciting story, The Doctor of Painted Springs can be confidently recommended.