War on the Range

  • Title: War on the Range
  • Author: James L. Rubel
  • Binding: Hardcover with Dust Jacket
  • Publisher: Phoenix Press
  • Publish Year: 1940
  • Market: U.S.

In an attempt to avenge the murder of his father, owner of the Crossed T. Ranch, Gus Tice ( called Don Justice for good reasons ) wound up kidnapped. Upon his escape he returned to Grimwood, where Curly Snell had taken over most of the good ranches, and was trying to get control of the whole valley.

Gus’s attempts to build up a new ranch were thwarted by fires, stampedes and other trouble. The instigation of which was not difficult to guess. The Snells stopped at nothing, but Don Justice rallied the courageous independents for a fight to the death.