Any Two Can Play

Title: Any Two Can Play
Author: James L. Rubel
Publisher: Nightstand Library Magenta U108
Publication Date: 1959
Binding: Softcover
Edition: 1st Edition
Print: 1st
Version: U.S.

“I’m eighteen and have been a widow for two years,” she explained. “My husband turned out to be a bum. Never again will I become deeply involved with a man … but to do my best work I need the companionship of a man – a virile one with a large amount of stamina.”

Nicky Starmont was as attractive was she was amoral. When she took Mel Corbin for a lover, he got more than he bargained for – both in and out of bed. The vehemence of Carol Tanner, Nicky’s lesbian sweetheart, the jealous anger of David Groom, another of Nicky’s stags, and the problem of Harry Spane, her onetime husband, all form a pattern of intrigue.

With Nicky any sex was welcome and she would play both ends against the middle just for sheer devilment … that is until Mel Corbin found her in his apartment keeping company with a knife — and very, very dead. When he tries to extricate himself from this compromising situation, with the help of passionate Honey Cailler, Mel finds out that any two can play.