Two-Gun Trail

  • Title: Two-Gun Trail
  • Publisher: Gateway Books
  • Publication Year: 1940
  • Binding: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
  • Print: 1st
  • Edition: 1st
  • Version:  U.S.

Please Note: This is the same story as Two-Gun Troubadour, but sold to the American markets. It appears that some of the names may have changed.

Spunk Rivers and his daughter shot it out with a gang of Yaqui bandits and won their fight – but Old Rivers was killed. Odette, in many ways as capable as a man, was left with a sheep ranch and a sinister enemy – Don Esteban.

When Don Esteban forced the girl to sell her sheep and drove her from her ranch, Odette need help, and the only man who could really aid her was Jim Bacon, called Jacal Jim, the “bounty hunter”. But Jacal Jim was a woman hater and a friend of her enemy, Don Esteban. He refused to take interest in the girl’s quarrel, although she trailed him for many weary miles and twice saved his life with her swift gun hand.

But when Jacal Jim finally saw the truth and joined the girl to avenge the wrongs she had suffered, there followed a swift climax in which this son and daughter of the West found something more than justice.