Two-Gun Troubadour

  • Title: Two-Gun Troubadour
  • Author: Mason Macrae
  • Publisher: William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. for the Wild West Club
  • Publication Year: 1939
  • Binding: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
  • Print: 1st
  • Market:  U.K. / Europe

When Spunk Rivers and his daughter Odette shot it out with a gang of Mexican bandits, they licked their enemies; but almost the last shot of the of the fight rubbed out Old Man Rivers.

Odette was left with a sheep ranch and a very bad enemy in the sinister Don Esteban, who forced her to sell her woollies and drove her off her spread. She had to have help, and the only man who could lick the Spaniard was that legendary figure of the border country – Jacal Jim the bounty hunter. So she trailed this woman-hating gun-man for many weary miles , and twice her guns spoke to save his life, until at last he had to listen to her.

In a final show-down with Don Esteban, Jim and Odette avenge Spunk’s death in the only way that the West recognizes.

Two Gun Troubadour is currently available for reading through Amazon Kindle as an e-Book.

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